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Commonwealth Stadium

Community Enables a Unique Audio Solution at Commonwealth Stadium
When Commonwealth was built, most stadiums utilized an end-zone, scoreboard-mounted loudspeaker system. However, to minimize neighborhood noise bleed, consultant Ken Dickensheets of Dickensheets Design in Austin, TX, designed the original system as a central loudspeaker array housed in a unique metal pod. The pod was supported by four large aircraft cables and could be lowered to the ground for service. This system served the stadium for several decades with voice-range audio. However, modern sports fans and associations like FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) now expect full-range audio for music and clear announcements that are loud enough to be heard over crowd noise. Thus, in 2013, Commonwealth retained Aquila Productions in Edmonton, Alberta to design a new system for the stadium. Lead Consultant Vernon Mason of Aquila retained consultant Dale Fawcett of Orchestral Arts Consulting in Toronto to provide audio modeling and audio system design.