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Football Fields with Loudspeakers on Lighting Poles



Mounting a combination of Community loudspeakers high on lighting poles at a football field can provide a more even distribution of audio to audiences sitting on the home side bleachers than a ‘press box’ configuration. This assumes that the loudspeakers can be installed at least 25 feet above the bleachers, and that the bleachers are about 20 feet tall.


Visitors sitting on the crossfield bleachers can enjoy high-quality audio with the use of a single R2-52Z or R2-52MAX loudspeaker. We recommend two great options for mounting loudspeakers on lighting poles to achieve superior sound coverage.


Option A: For higher SPL and enhanced musicality at venues where the lighting poles are up to 240 feet apart, we recommend installing two (2) R.5-96MAX loudspeakers to address the home field bleachers, and one (1) R2-52MAX loudspeaker to reach the visitors side opposite the field.


Option B: For moderate SPL at venues that have shorter bleachers and lighting poles up to 180 feet apart, mounting two (2) R.5-94Z and one (1) R2-52Z will provide excellent coverage to audiences sitting in both the home and visitors sections.


Extra Coverage: In order to enhance the experience of spectators, we recommend mounting three or four (3 or 4) delayed R.35-3896 compact loudspeakers on the press box depending on its width. These additions provide high intelligibility coverage of the central seating area, helps reduce artificial echoes, and can be added to both Options A and B.


Lighting poles make a great mounting location for loudspeakers, delivering clear and even sound to everyone in attendance. If your facility doesn’t have lighting poles that support loudspeaker placement, then our ‘press box’ or ‘scoreboard’ designs also are attractive alternatives. Click the links to learn more, and explore for more information on our loudspeaker systems.