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Football Fields with Loudspeakers on a Press Box



Providing high-quality audio coverage on a typical high school football field is easy with the right combination of Community loudspeakers placed strategically at the venue.  A two-story press box located approximately 20 feet above the top row of the home bleachers serves as a good location for loudspeakers when there are limited mounting options, and can distribute great sound to everyone in attendance, no matter where they sit.


Mounting two to four loudspeakers on the press box to address the home seating section, plus an R2-52Z or R2-52MAX in the center to provide crossfield coverage to the visitor section, is all that is needed.  We recommend three different options that all achieve exceptional sound.


Option A: To address larger bleacher areas (up to 240 feet wide) while projecting uniformly over farther distances, install three R.5-96MAX loudspeakers to cover the home bleachers and one R2-52MAX to reach the visitors’ side opposite the field.  This configuration provides high SPL and the best musicality.


Option B: For moderate SPL and venues with shorter bleachers where the length of the bleachers does not exceed the 30-30 yard line, we suggest installing two R.5-94Z to provide home side coverage and one R2-52Z loudspeaker to reach the visitors’ bleachers opposite the field. 


Option C: To deliver enhanced LF to the home seating section, while providing even distribution of sound to wide sections of the home stands, we recommend installing two R2-94Z loudspeakers, plus two R.5-94Z loudspeakers center of home, for very articulate three-way performance.  Also, one R2-52Z provides coverage for the visitor side opposite the field.


All three recommended options deliver amazing sound from the press box, and choosing which is right for your venue depends on the needs and specifications of your facility.  If your press box isn’t ideal for loudspeaker placement, you can still achieve superior sound by installing speakers on 'lighting poles' or the 'scoreboard'.  Click the links to learn more, explore for information on R SERIES loudspeakers, and contact our TAG Team for technical support and product recommendations.