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Football Fields with Loudspeakers on the Scoreboard



Each football field has its own unique needs and challenges which can dictate the optimal locations for loudspeakers to be placed.  If the scoreboard is the most attractive option at your venue, then audience members can still enjoy great sound, despite atmospheric effects such as wind, diffraction, and excess high frequency attenuation that are more likely to be noticed in this design versus a ‘press box’ or ‘lighting poles’ configuration.


Assuming that the bleachers are 20 feet tall, then mounting either R2-52Z or R2-52MAX loudspeakers to the scoreboard 25 feet above the ground can distribute exceptional audio to those in attendance. We recommend three options for loudspeaker placement depending on your facility.


Option A: For venues with shorter bleacher sections from a scoreboard location, two (2) R2-52MAX loudspeakers provide high impact voice and music reproduction.


Option B: Venues with shorter bleacher sections from a scoreboard location can achieve good coverage by deploying two (2) R2-52Z loudspeakers.


Option C: If the length of the home or visitor bleachers exceeds the 20-20 yard line, then we recommend three or four (3 or 4) R2-52Z or R2-52MAX loudspeakers for enhanced SPL at longer distances.


Whether your venue has short or long bleacher sections, our scoreboard loudspeaker design options can provide amazing audio coverage to spectators. If your football facility might be better served with a 'press box' or 'lighting poles' configuration, then click the links to discover our recommendation for those designs and explore for information about our loudspeaker systems.