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Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers


System Manager Software with Community ALC and Loudspeaker Library Plugin
ArmoníaPlus screensStack
ArmoníaPlus System Link
ArmoníaPlus screensStack
ArmoníaPlus System Link

ArmoníaPlus® System Manager software is designed to be the most efficient audio design environment on the market today. It is easy to select, drag and drop Community Loudspeakers and Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers (ALC) and configure them in the workspace. You can define systems, assign loudspeakers to ALC output channels, create loudspeaker groups, and tune systems. The ArmoníaPlus user interface incorporates a loudspeaker-focused design. Every operation takes place on the loudspeakers within the main workspace, not buried deeply in layers of complicated signal-flow processing diagrams. Loudspeakers can be linked in multiple ways and various presets can be auditioned quickly inside the main workspace.

With ArmoníaPlus, you are in control, able to monitor the headroom so you can decide if you need to bring it down a little or turn it up to rattle the rafters. Also, there is a new look for the intuitive user interface for the Interactive Tuning plugin (requires Smaart v8, purchased separately). This plugin works easily with the new Tune:EQ allowing you to monitor the overall curve applied to every loudspeaker or group of loudspeakers.

Please read Community’s Quick Start guide, the ArmoníaPlus User Guide (found on the downloads tab) and review the comprehensive ArmoníaPlus Training Videos, here.

ALC firmware update 1.9.014 is required for Biamp's Community Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers, click here for a short tutorial.