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Design Cardioid & Steered Subwoofer Arrays Quickly & Easily
Community’s Subwoofer Steering Simulation Software (S4) makes it easy and convenient to design a cardioid or steered subwoofer array using Community’s VLF-Series subwoofers or any other subwoofer system.  S4 is a useful tool for installers and designers to predict and control the direction of bass energy in free space.  A well designed directional subwoofer system can help prevent low frequency spill onto stage areas, reducing unwanted bass build up and help to eliminate LF feedback. 
An intuitively designed graphical user interface (Quick Start Screen) allows the user to input basic information about the desired array (number of subs, spacing between subs and/or desired cutoff frequency) to obtain the proper arrangement, delay settings and performance predictions. The S4 calculator provides two-dimensional polar prediction at any frequency (not just 1/3 octave ISO centers) for any array of point sources. Unique to S4 is the ability to predict the frequency and phase response in front of and behind the loudspeaker array, allowing the designer to judge the performance of the array both in the audience area and on the stage. 
Additionally, S4 features Basic and Advanced setting modes where users can set the calculation averaging bandwidth, polar degree resolution , polar amplitude resolution, array point of origin, listener position and the frequency response range to be graphed. For installation convenience, Community also offers a Steered Array Bracket (part number VLF-SAB) for use with the VLF208 and VLF212 subwoofers.
The S4 program is free and can be obtained by downloading here: 
For additional technical assistance, contact Community’s Technical Applications Group (TAG) at (610) 876-3400 or
Current Version: 
v1.3 Alpha#2
Release Date: 
Sunday, March 1, 2009